Too often, it's sometimes too late to change the layout or design of certain rooms when it gets to your Pre-start or Interior Design Consultation. 

So, to combat stock standard, off the shelf, cookie-cutter layouts, get us involved where it all begins!​

If you have a floor plan or drawings that you are ready to sign off on, but your are wanting well thought through ideas relating to interior design, furniture and product placement, and a specific style, we are here to help.

 We can review room by room to ensure you avoid any costly mistakes and all design aspects have been thought through, both practical and visual. 

We will go through room by room in detail and suggest any edits to the plan that will make a world of difference to the overall design and implement aspects of interior design into the entire home.

Our suggested edits can be made to not affect your budget, as well as any that can save you money and or those that will be of great investment to your overall new home!  

Contact us to find out more about our Floor Plan Review service.